I am a passionate astrophotographer , having spent over 12 years capturing deep sky images from the beautiful South Norfolk's dark skies.

I also travel to beautiful locations looking for the Milky Way . I have written a book which can be purchased from PayPal ([email protected])   

It has recently been requested by Oxford UNI, Cambridge Trinity , Scotland Uni and Wales and Ireland also

Recently published in Astronomy Now and many other magazines and papers  i do talks , exhibitions and events which can be found and updated here. 


                                            EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS


          Many  attractions and music , plus food and of course i will be selling and displaying 

          Images. I will have my new Book on sale , plus the new 2024 Night Views Calendar 

          as well as many images on mounted prints and some Aluminium prints too.




         Norwich Astronomical Society  December 2nd 

         I will be giving a talk  The Light Of Night Winter Skies Through A Camera

         I will have my new book The Light Of Night plus the new Night Views 2024

         available to purchase on the night 










I live in the beautiful South Norfolk area of the UK. Have been a passionate photographer for 30 years and my main style is the night sky, both deep space astro photography and wide field Milky Way images

I have had many publications in astronomy magazines as well as papers . I have also been awarded a shortlist for both the Astro Photographer of the Year at the Royal Observatory and the UK Astro Photographer of the year in 2016


          All my images can be ordered direct by emailing me at 

                                  [email protected]  

      All images are numbered for reference in Galleries under the

                                         ALL IMAGES tab